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Resumo da Biografia External influences, such as excessive or low temperatures, can quickly adversely affect the skin's appearance. The glands of the sebum production react even more strongly and thus even more excess material hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. Also stress and wrong nutrition should be turned off as well as it is, so the skin is not overstrained. For this, sufficient exercise and sports are recommended.

Cleaning and peeling

The cleansing of the skin is very important. It should take place regularly, but should not be exaggerated, otherwise the natural protective coat of the skin will be destroyed. Therefore, it is important to ensure treatment of seborrheic keratosis that the agents used for purification are pH-neutral. Basically, the skin should be cleaned with lukewarm water and should not be performed more than twice a day. However, the hands should be washed frequently.

Particularly good effects can be achieved with a peeling. One to two times a week you can use a peeling from the pharmacy or the drugstore. Alternatively, you can make a peeling mask out of whey, a little lukewarm water and wheat.

In the market there is a wide selection of different creams for oily skin. It is particularly recommended to choose a cream which naturally moisturizes. Again, the pH neutrality of the selected product has to be considered again. Oils should be avoided with greasy skin, use good creams against greasy skin Alternative substances for the maintenance of moisture and for the defense of bacterial pathogens.

Almost all of these products have in common the fact that they dull the complexion somewhat with ingredients and so the weakening skin slightly diminishes. Particularly impure skin can be faced with facial water hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. Aggressive means should also be avoided. One problem can be, for example, alcohol or synthetic oil in the face water.

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